from PIL import Image # Load the uploaded image uploaded_image_path = "/mnt/data/DALL·E 2024-05-16 00.04.05 - Create a powerful and feminine logo for 'Red Elévate,' an international network for female entrepreneurs focused on connection, collaboration, and gro.webp" image = # Save the image with a white background and text output_image_with_text_path = "/mnt/data/Red_Elevate_with_text.png" output_image_without_text_path = "/mnt/data/Red_Elevate_without_text.png" # Creating two versions of the image # 1. Keeping the original as is (with text) # 2. Cropping out the text part (removing the bottom part with text) width, height = image.size cropped_image = image.crop((0, 0, width, height - int(height * 0.2))) # assuming the text is at the bottom 20% of the image (output_image_with_text_path, output_image_without_text_path)